Transformation – so much more than just a photo


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Transformation at No1 Fitness means so much more than a before and after photo.  These photos are a great way to see the physical changes, which so many of our clients want to initially achieve, however, there are so many things that happen to our clients throughout their journey with us. Each client has their own story and it has been amazing to experience and see these changes over the years.  Here are examples of what transformation really means.

  • More confidence
  • More ownership of their life choices
  • The best shape they have ever been in
  • Feels 20 years younger
  • Always in control
  • A real understanding of their own nutrition and how to manage in their day to day routines
  • Get back into old clothes
  • Increased sleep length and quality
  • Improved Stress Management
  • Improvement of their relationships, family, spouse, work colleagues
  • Increased strength and fitness levels
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£723 P/M

Train 3 days per week

  • 2x Personal Training Sessions
  • 1x Fitness Slot
  • 1x Nutrition Initial Consultation
  • 1x Weekly Boditrax & Health Screen
  • Nutritional and Coaching Followups


£1261 P/M

Train 4 times per week


  • 4x Personal Training Sessions
  • 1x Nutrition Initial Consultation
  • 1x Weekly Boditrax & Health Screen
  • Bi-weekly Nutritional and Coaching Followups


Our Clients


Client Testimonials

I came across No1 Fitness after feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and feeling down about my health and fitness and decided to do something about it. I needed a change. I know the gym is not for me. I’ve joined over 6 gyms in the past 2 years but couldn’t force myself into going. I had zero motivation until I decided to give No1 a try. Reading all the reviews was a big factor in making my decision to go and check it out. Joining this place is the best thing I did. It’s been around 4 months since I started the fitness slots and I love them!! The slots work for me because they’re only 30 minutes but I get a full body workout. The small sized group training is great. The trainers are friendly and know what they’re talking about. They push you to your limit – in a good way! Everyone at the studio is actually nice.


I trained for six months with No 1 and I could not be more thrilled with the results. I lost 7% body fat, 4.8KG and 10cm off my waist Training here isn’t just about hitting weights – it’s about the education around health and fitness. The diet recommendations weren’t drastic changes for me but helped me understand how a few hundred calories can make a difference. I would highly recommend this place if you’re looking for that kick in the butt.


Been going to fitness slots at No1 Fitness for several years now, after having been with other small and large gyms all over London. The personal training type sessions are short but intense giving me a full workout each and every day. The rotation of the trainers keeps the sessions new and fresh each time. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to fit in a good workout during their busy lives!


I Was really nervous about starting this programme simply because of looking stupid and the thought of not being able to cope. The training is adjusted to your ability and gradually increased as you become fitter. All the trainers at the gym are incredibly personable, encouraging and easy to talk to. The gym itself is a great facility too. I am now 10 months in and three and a half stone lighter. More importantly, my physic and posture has completely changed and generally I feel so much happier, awake and positive about everything. Signing up has been a game changer for me. 5 out of 5.


I’ve worked hard, I’ve stuck to a calorie deficit throughout (considerably assisted by vegan protein shakes, food and snacks. I’ve completely adjusted my mindset. This is not to say that it has been easy. It hasn’t. But I’ve gotten up everyday and I’ve tried my best.

I’m immensely pleased with the steady (maybe some would say slow) progress and I’m still a work in progress. I still have fat loss goals and weight training goals to achieve but I know that I will achieve them.


The biggest challenge for me was the food. Either fighting cravings, choosing better options when out, forgoing drinking at times. Balancing it all, which eventually became easier over time with support provided by you guys.

The biggest surprise from the body transformation experience is that despite requiring commitment and hard work on my part, you guys made it seem easier than I expected and made it an overall pleasant/enjoyable experience.



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