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Sports Performance Training London

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* Results may vary from person to person

With many of our trainers coming from professional and semi professional backgrounds we here at No1 Fitness have an in depth knowledge of not only the mentality it takes to perform at the highest level (Yes we've done that) but also the periodized program that is needed to be design and implemented to ensure you get you performing at your best (We've done that two).

With our current team we have ex-professional footballers, sprinters, rugby players and weight lifting champions, No1 Fitness have an arsenal full of personal training, strength and condition and coaching methods to get you where you need to be.

Increasing performance

A lot of emphasis is always branded around as 'get a stronger core' or 'you need to be stronger in the gym'. Unfortunately It is not as straight forward as that with each and everyone of us having different needs and different capabilities to get you to that elite level. One exercise does not fit all and assessing how your body moves first and foremost is of the highest importance. If you cant move properly then we need to start at the basic.

What do we mean by move properly?

Just because you may be an experienced athlete or sportsman does not mean that your body is functioning at an optimum level. If It was would you be seeking professional advice?

We look at the task that is needed in your specific sport and break down the movements needed to then excel at not only performing better but also recovering better.

A lot of this can be done in the gym how ever we also will on most cases be advising the extra training you should be taking out side of your hours at No1 Fitness.

Sports performance rehabilitation

Increasing performance is probably the biggest thing we hear when athletes come to see us how ever that is not necessarily the most important thing coming back verbally from us here at No1 Fitness. Keeping you fit for us is as important if not more important, you cant perform better if you are injured its as simple as that.

If you are suffering with the same injury over and over again or are just returning back from an injury we have a full team dedicated to working alongside any physiotherapists or practitioners you may be using to ensure your strength and progression back to performing is kept on track.

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* Results may vary from person to person
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Ben Camara - Mens Health Awards PT Champion 2013
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