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You may have recently seen these at the studios, but to give you some more information, Boditrax is able to give a medical grade analysis within 30 Seconds. With 27 readings, including - Body Fat Composition, Weight and Muscle Density to name but a few! At the end of the analysis, your results will be sent to you and you'll be able to view these instantly. There are a number of readings and measurements that the machine takes, which are as follows: Body Mass - Fat Mass - Fat Percentage - Fat Distribution (Segmental readings for each leg, arm and trunk) - Muscle Mass - Muscle Percentage - Muscle Distribution (Segmental readings for each leg, arm and trunk) - Total Body Water Mass - Total Body Water Percentage - Extra Cellular Water (ECW) Mass -  Inter Cellular Water (ICW) Mass - ECW / ICW Ratio - Body Mass Index (BMI) - Bone Mass - Bone Percentage - Physique Rating - Visceral Fat Reading - Basal Metabolic Rate - Basal Metabolic Rate Indicator - Metabolic Age - Weight Capacity
Self Assessment:  £30 - Come in and step on the machine, you can then access all your results - BUY NOW
30 Minute Consultation:  £85 - Take your readings with one of our trainers and we will go  through your results and help goal set - BUY NOW
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