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30 Minute Fitness Slots

'Fitness slots' are so-called as they're designed to drive the maximum results in just 30 minutes, meaning they can be 'slotted' into your schedule, no matter how busy it is.

This bespoke approach to group exercises features a range of compound movements, created to challenge each area of the body in a time-efficient and effective way. The content of each one varies according to the attendees, falling in with the No1 Fitness ethos of providing tailored expertise to each client. The focus is on body weight training as opposed to weight lifting, resulting in individuals maximising their own personal potential, even whilst training as part of a group.

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Exercises can include everything from PowerPlate, Tabata (high intensity interval training), Boxing and BoxVibe, to Kettlebells, circuit training, and Spin, all of which get the body moving as well as building fundamental strength. Couple this with TRX and core strengthening exercises, and you've got an all-over-body workout, in just 30 minutes. No two fitness slots are the same, allowing for each trainer's own teaching style; ensuring clients are challenged every time.

Take a look at our taster 'Fitness Slots' video here.

Single Fitness Slot

30 Minutes 

City: £25  Tower Bridge: £25

10 Fitness Slots

Ten 30 minute sessions


20 Fitness Slots

Twenty 30 minute sessions


Unlimited Fitness Slots - 1 Month

Unlimited 30 minute sessions
Monthly Payments
Minimum 3 Months


Unlimited Fitness Slots - 3 Months

Unlimited 30 minute sessions
Useable over 3 months
Discounted for payment in advance


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