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Personal Training

No1 Fitness

The Personal Trainers at No1 Fitness all go through rigorous training before being accepted on to our books, and are constantly learning and evolving, receiving regular training and workshops to ensure that we are providing you with the very best in results-driven approaches.

Each client receives a chemistry session with a Personal Trainer at the beginning of their sessions, in order that we can create the perfect personality fit. A good working relationship is essential when driving those results.

When undertaking a 'Transformation Package' with No1 Fitness, nothing is left to chance. We will be monitoring your progress every step of the way, with regular measurements, not to mention the imagery that we capture regularly throughout the process. Our experience has proven that capturing photography is the best way of tracking progress when the scales, or even the calipers ('fat pinching' device that tracks the mm loss) don't reveal the reductions.

By constantly assessing the results of our programme, we ensure that we can tweak your programme as and when is required. Whilst many gyms apply a 'one size fits all' method, we undertake a scientific approach that allows for each client as an individual. After all, what works for one, may not work for another. Bespoke, individual and tailored, this is what delivers results for our clients time and time again.

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Ben Camara - Mens Health Awards PT Champion 2013
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