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No1 Fitness is very proud to have one super strong team. We believe that the group of trainers that we have here are some of the very best trainers in the UK.

All of the team has different skillsets and together we are now able to cater for any client with any goals. Although we have our own methodology at No1 Fitness, we still give the trainers a lot of freedom in terms adding their own styles to the training sessions.

Over the years we have realized that personality is such an important part to personal training in regards to client results and retention. We have seen that no matter how many qualifications you have, if you can’t motivate your clients, you will never be a good trainer. We make sure that all our trainers have something about them and that reflects when you enter the studios.

We continually provide mentoring to each member of the team and also provide further education and workshops to up skill them, which is why we believe we get results time and time again.

We also make sure that the client always comes first. If your trainer is away on vacation or ill, we will make sure another member of the team will cover the sessions. The trainers will work with each other to make sure all relevant information is passed on.

We have now grown the team to over 20 trainers that work between the 2 locations and are continually looking add to this.

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Ben Camara - Mens Health Awards PT Champion 2013
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